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Hello & Welcome!

I'm Trina, and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFT-A). I would love to listen to you and hear what's going on in your life.

Finding the right therapist can be overwhelming. So take the pressure off and give me a shout if you’d like to have a quick chat. It's free for us to have a 15-minute call to see if we're a good fit. No need to commit if it doesn't feel right.

Therapy Services

Therapy Services


Individual Therapy

Whether you need support for day-to-day stress, trauma, a mental health diagnosis, or something in between, I’d love to work with you. Long- and short-term therapy are both options.



Relational & Couple Therapy

Your romantic and sexual orientation, gender identity, and relational preferences matter to you, so they matter to me, too. I trust that you’re the expert in your relationship. I would be honored to support you in making it the best relationship it can be.




Would you and your family like to hash things out together with someone who has an outside perspective? I love working with families, especially those with older children, teens, and adults. 



Co-Parent Therapy

Leading a family looks like all kinds of things now which is so exciting. But it can also make navigating conflict, defining roles, and compromising difficult because old rules don’t apply. Let’s work through that complexity together. I can walk alongside you as you figure out what you want your family story to look like.

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