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Who are my individual clients?
  • ​​People with mixed feelings about their relationship with their family of origin

  • Survivors of trauma, including specific events, childhood experiences, and intergenerational trauma

  • People with strong or complicated ties to the culture they grew up in, such as first generation immigrants and people from deeply religious backgrounds

  • ​Artists and creatives, especially those newly acknowledging their creative drive or those finding inspiration difficult to access

  • People who do downstream social justice work through nonprofits, advocacy work, helping professions, etc.

What does a session look like with individuals?

First Sessions / Intake Sessions

I try to get a bird’s-eye view of my clients’ lives in this session, so we may not go as deep. I want to know about their resources, their sense of safety, and some of the big factors impacting their lives.

Ongoing / Working Sessions

As my clients and I get to know each other, we'll figure out together what each session looks like. I try to make it clear why I'm asking a question or posing a thought. My inner process isn't a secret from my clients, so questions about where I'm coming from are welcome. I often point out connections I notice between present-day struggles and my clients' family and culture. I often check in about how clients feel as we're talking, or I comment on a feeling I think I'm noticing. Sometimes I get it wrong - those moments are a chance for clients to use their voice to articulate their experience. ​There's a mixture of thinking and feeling in most sessions.

Let's get scheduled!

Interested in working together? Grab a spot on my calendar, and let's talk!

I offer a free consult call before scheduling paid sessions so that we can get to know each other a little, and you can feel really good about becoming a paying client. If you don't see a good time on the calendar, send me a message. I'll get back to you asap to find a good time.

What are my individual clients working on?
  • Self-esteem, worthiness, perfectionism, and sense of purpose

  • Relationship concerns, including dating, romantic partnerships, family (parents, siblings, children, etc.), and friendships

  • Identifying the impact of trauma and healing from it

  • Concerns related to marginalized identity, including navigating/surviving systemic oppression, healing from internalized racism, seeking safe connection, etc.

  • Everyday stressors and life transitions

How much does therapy cost?

50-minute sessions: $125

This is my standard session length.

80-minute sessions: $200

Longer sessions can be helpful when meeting for the first time or when something big is going on. They are also an option when meeting regularly. There are no rules, it's up to you if you'd like to try this option.

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Now scheduling individuals, couple, & family clients in the state of Texas. Schedule your FREE consultation now.

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