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My Story

Hello! I'm Trina. I have a Master's in Counseling from St. Edward's University. It turns out I’m a big fan of school: in a previous life I also earned a Master’s in Information Studies (which is a fancy way of saying library science) from The University of Texas. My big takeaway from being a librarian was that I love listening to people and hearing their stories. So being a therapist is a much better fit for me.

Since leaving libraries, I’ve lived lots of lives. I worked with families involved in the family welfare system and with incarcerated youth. And I also spent many years working with adults who’ve experienced homelessness. I've tried my hand at being a professional artist, worked in the tech industry, and spent some time in the non-profit world.

My guiding principle throughout my story has been to do what I can to pursue social justice. It has been humbling and educational coming face-to-face with my own biases and privilege. I’ve learned so much about how culture and power influence who we are as humans. And I’ve seen mountains of evidence that our need for connection is universal.

This lesson about the importance of relationships impacts who I am as a therapist and who I am as a person. My friendships and my family are among my biggest priorities. They are the source of my greatest joys…and also my biggest struggles. Maybe you feel the same way.

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